Artists FAQ – Darger HQ

Artists FAQ

Artist FAQ
1. How do I apply to exhibit my artwork at Darger HQ?

We accept submissions for inclusion on the Darger HQ roster approximately once a year.  Please sign up for our newsletter or follow us on twitter or facebook to receive a notification of our open call for submissions.  If you are an artist residing in Nebraska, we accept submissions year round at

2.  What kind of artwork are you looking for?

We exhibit art in every media.  We are looking for art that is intelligent, well-crafted and not afraid to push the boundaries.  
3. Can artists living outside of the United States apply?
Our application is open to all international artists working in all media.  
 4. Why is there an application fee?
Charging a small application fee helps us ensure that the artists who apply are committed. Additionally, it helps offset some of the administration costs.  Artists that are on the Darger HQ roster pay no fees for the service all year long.  
 5. Why ask for my birthdate on the application?
We need to ensure that you are old enough to legally sell your work with us and how long you have been committed to your art.
6.  How will you market my art?
We will promote our artists' work in a number of ways. We will manage an online advertising campaign, utilize all forms of social media and other alternative venues, art fairs and in our gallery in Lincoln, NE. 
7.  What is your commission structure?
We split the sale of artwork sold on-line 70/30 (70% to the artist).
8.  How many artists does Darger HQ plan on representing?
Approximately 20 artists.
9.  If I exhibit my work at Darger HQ, may I seek other gallery representation?
Absolutely.  We encourage you to pursue physical gallery space while exhibiting on our site. This increases the exposure of your work.   
10.  How do I know when my artwork is sold? What do I do once it is sold?
Once your art is sold, you will receive an email notifying you of the sale and the order number. Simply take the sold piece of art and the order number to a designated UPS Store within 48 hours. 
11.  When and how do I get paid for sold artwork?
We send payment no later than 10 days after artwork is delivered to the client.
12.  Who owns the rights to my artwork once it is sold?
You retain the rights to your art after it is sold.  Copyright always only belongs to the artist!
13.  What is Darger HQ’s return policy?
We offer a seven-day money-back guarantee so clients can try out artwork in their homes. If a piece gets returned - we will notify you and pay to have the piece shipped back to you.
 14.  What happens if an artwork is damaged in transit?
We work closely with UPS Stores to make sure your artwork is carefully packaged. In the rare case of damage, we work directly with UPS to file a claim on your behalf. We insure every artwork we ship for its full value.
15.  Do I need to sign my artwork?
All art should be signed. It is important in identifying you as the creator. In addition, many collectors prefer to purchase signed artwork.