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  • Devised Province

    Devised Province
    Kristina Estell (US) & Roswitha Weingrill (Austria)
    Local Artist Gallery: Byron Anway
    August 1st – 30th Opening August 1st, 6-10pm
    Artist talk: August 1st 6:30pm with Kristina Estell and Byron Anway



    In Devised Province, both artists Estell and Weingrill create work that examines the natural environment and social frameworks in which we exist. Estell uses a variety of material such as fallen leaves and stones and makes molds of Greco-Roman friezes with silicone rubber to create sculptures and installations that create compelling, unique environments. Roswitha Weingrill’s drawings from the series Statistische Knotenpunkte deal with the difference between the individual person and the anonymity of statistics in an ever faster and more efficient society. Oscillating between simple pie charts and highly complex mathematical knot theory the designs intend to trace a single, disguised identity. The colored flocculation of the original black marker represents by itself a kind of irregular and random graph and undermines the idea of absoluteness and immutability of data. Kristina Estell received her BFA from Indiana University and her MFA from the University of Minnesota. She has been the recipient of the McKnight Fellowship grants two times and has shown extensively in the US and abroad. Recently she has had solo exhibitions at the Minneapolis Institute of the Arts in St. Paul, College of Visual Arts in St. Paul and at the University of Wisconsin.

    Kristina Estell states: “Interacting with the natural and constructed environments around us creates daily encounters with ideas of implicit action and reaction, mutating exterior and interior spaces, physical structure and inherent decline. I am interested in themes relating to the function of the human gesture within the complex environment of the 'natural' and how these realms interact. Ideas of manipulation, value, beauty and degradation are conceptual points that my work develops around in response to the characteristics of particular physical materials and spaces. Using a variety of sculptural, installation, and painting techniques, my work begins with the discovery of a distinct quality in a raw material, a found object, or a physical gesture…the sealing liquidity of rubber, the remains of fallen leaves, throwing a stone, etc. These materials, processes and actions are at once anonymous and full of unique potential for identity. It is my challenge to capture and compound a thoughtful experience that reflects the complex conditions that surround us and direct these qualities to connect with a set of unexpected, compelling possibilities.”

    Roswitha Weingrill is currently pursuing her PhD at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna, Austria. Weingrill has shown extensively in Europe with solo exhibitions at Lust Gallery in Vienna, Kulturkeller Weizberg and para-site Galerie in Graz. This will be her debut exhibition in the States. Roswitha Weingrill´s artistic interest aims towards conditions and attitudes of living within social frameworks in urban environments. By using architectural references and procedures of city planning to create models of thoughts and theories about relations between people and the objects they create and long for: what they buy, eat, wear and surround themselves with. Lately, explorations in crafting and various handicraft skills and materiality of paper within the medium of drawing and collaging have become a crucial element to Roswitha Weingrill´s work. Within these settings she assembles custom made and found matter to form complex depictions of contemporary attitudes within social frameworks.